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My approach to technology is pretty simple – it needs to be ‘solution-led’ and it needs to be practical.

I often say to manufacturer’s, you may have the most amazing bit of technology on the market, but if my customers can’t use it and it doesn’t fit a ‘need’, it’s not going to sell. Often when I’m looking at new products in my work capacity, as a ‘techie’ we can get so easily drawn into the technical aspects of a product. It may be able to make everything in your entire building operate from a 8″ tablet, but if you need to spend 3 months programming the thing then a whole week training someone on how to use it, it’s not really very useful.

You may gather from the posts that will ensue that I’m somewhat of an Apple fan – I make no apologies for it! However, Apple do sum up my approach – it needs to be powerful yet simple with a good dash of elegance thrown in. There may be the odd iPad/iPhone app that appears on here as well as the odd accessory so if you’re not an iDevice fan, sorry!

On the whole, I’m not going to get too technical in reviews. That’s what manuals are for! Technicians do tend to get excited by the technical detail and musicians often get focussed on the ‘vision’ without understanding the technical requirements behind what they do.

I’ll be blogging product reviews, along with product news and occasionally some technical guides. I’m currently looking at the following things: –

– Radio mic review (a solution to combat the upcoming frequency changes)
– A guide to to the upcoming Ofcom frequency changes
– A review of the Plasa Focus Show from Leeds
– A ‘set list’ style iPad app
– A pro-audio iPad dock
– A revolutionary new digital mixer

I hope you enjoy everything I share and do comment. I’m happy to answer questions (as long as I know the answers!)



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