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So hello! It’s been a while!
Due to excessive business and general laziness this blog has been somewhat sidelined over the last few months. Apologies for that – but hopefully should be back on track with a blog every 1-2 weeks very soon!

We’ll I’ve been upto a few bits and pieces that have distracted somewhat…

What I’ve been upto

So apologies if you’ve missed these blogs over the last year or so. I never really got going and that’s something that I definitely want to change over the coming months! It’s been a rather hectic year – largely in part to the amazing opportunities that I’ve had to serve my church family in a number of different ways.

In May last year I got involved with the Bethel Music tour in the UK – something that was a great experience and a great opportunity to get out and see some fantastic venues across the UK. Not only that, it was great to be a part of the fantastic things God was doing through the worship that the guys brought across with them!

In the last 9 months our church has transformed a pub that it had bought into a fantastic coffee house and venue for church meetings. We’ve installed a great sound system in (some of which I’ve still not finished!) as well as a video system and a simple lighting system. The place looks absolutely great and now serves amazing coffee 6 days a week. It’s well worth a visit if you like your coffee and are in Manchester!

I’ve also been very busy at work supporting our sales team with an ever increasing demand for technological help and support for the operations team!

What to expect

I’ve had a great number of thoughts, ideas and general musings that I’d love to share with you over the coming months and I’m in the process of jotting them down. Helping equipping the Churches’ AV team is still very much on my heart so it’s coming!

Do get in touch if there is something you think I’d ought to have a look at – whether it’s something technical like ‘How to set compressors’, whether it’s a piece of equipment that you’d like to have some feedback on or whether it’s something a bit more practical like ‘working within a team of engineers’.




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