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Background & Beginnings

I’ve been wanting to start this blog for such a long time. The blog’s hopefully going to be a blend of information & reviews about new technologies that can be used in worship along with little technical updates that you’ll hopefully find useful. I thought I’d start by giving you a bit of background info about me and where I’ve come from as a musician & sound engineer.

I’ve been involved in worship since I was about 14. I picked up the bass at school and within 3 months was playing regularly at church. Following the typical teen pattern, I soon got involved with a couple of other guys in local churches and we formed a worship band – which was so much fun. This also got me involved with a PA company that started to help local churches with events it was putting on – and at it’s peak was running gigs pretty much every weekend – often two or three at a time. We did such a variety of gigs – though one of the highlights had to be main stage at Notting Hill Carnival.

When it came to University, I wanted to be involved in sound so ventured into the recording arena. I attended Salford University and did a degree in Popular Music & recording, which kept me playing as well as giving me access to some pretty fun (though slightly run down!) studios. It also brought me to Manchester Vineyard Church (now Vinelife) which I still call home. I quickly got involved in the sound team and a year later was in charge of the evening service tech team.

Progressing it’s worship at the time, the church built a studio up in Bolton. I got to be a part of the install team and once installed, helped record a number of projects across the last few years.

During my summer breaks from university, I continued with the live sound, even working out at Spring Harvest Holidays in France as the lead technician for the summer of 2005. During term time I worked in a number of local venues (including the infamous Jilly’s rockworld & Musicbox) as a sound technician. I also got to be in a touring Christian band – MySpoon which gave me opportunity to record in ICC studios.

Fresh out of university, I stumbled into a job working with a local Audio-visual firm – Unique Systems. Starting off as a service engineer, I have worked as both service & install engineers, service manager and over the last few years, research & development engineer and bid co-ordinator. So I get to play with lots of new technology and help the sales team sell.

Over the past 5 years, as part of the sound team at Vinelife we’ve gone through a large number of changes within the system. We started out with a Soundcraft 12 channel desk that couldn’t use phantom power, 4 wedges on 2 mixes and a dodgy EDAC multicore. We now operating 7 channels of IEM monitoring from a Yamaha LS9-32 digital desk, with a superb D&B front of house PA.

As a musician and and as a sound technician, I’ve been involved in worship for over 12 years. I never want to stop learning new technology but more importantly, I never want to stop chasing after my God and wanting to be in His presence.

I think that’s most important thing in this blog that I can get across. The technology He created exists to serve Him and help bring His kids into His presence. That should always be our aim whether we’re in the worship band or serving as part of the technical team.

I hope you find this blog useful and enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing,




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